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Did You Know...

  • 30.8% of hospitals say they can't find enough candidates
  • 51.6% of healthcare organization say the ability to find good people within a reasonable amount of time is "not very good"
  • 25% of leadership positions are filled within the first 3 months and more than 30% take at least 7+ months

Overcoming Recruiting Challenges:

There are many recruiting challenges faced by healthcare organizations today.

Finding the "perfect" candidate has never been as easy task - it is time-consuming, overwhelming and a job on its own.

In addition to recruiting challenges, some healthcare organizations are coping with high turnover and staffing shortages - all which have a direct impact on:

  • productivity
  • profitability
  • patient care 

Learn how partnering with a healthcare recruiting firm like MASC Medical can help tackle these challenges (and more!) while bridging the staffing gap.

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