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Years of hard work, trainings and long hours studying has paid off! 

You've completed your medical residency and now it's time to step into a new chapter. 

This can be a bit overwhelming as you're unsure of the changes that are coming and how it's going to affect your life. Don't let this intimidate you - instead stay positive, and view this new chapter as a ongoing learning process. 


Career Guidance & Roadmap:

MASC Medical created its Physician Independence Day Kit to help physicians:

  • Develop a defined career plan
  • Understand what to expect after residency
  • Make wise decisions on this new journey

Additionally, the kit covers topics such as:

  • What to expect after completing your medical residency
  • Which is more optimal for your work preference - hospital employment or private practice
  • Tips to prepare for the USMLE
  • "Dream job" placement guarantees (debunking the myth)
  • 5 things to do prior to starting a physician job search
  • And more!

Want To Build A Successful Career Path?

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