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Did You Know...

  • The leading cause of death and disability is due to medical errors?
  • Medical errors come along with liability claims, lawsuits, and years of litigation?
  • Having the "right" policy can save you thousands on malpractice costs?


A Medical Error Is Made, Now What?

When a medical error is made, multiple parties are affected - the patient/patients family, the healthcare provider and organization. Due to this, healthcare organizations are starting to analyze their processes and what conditions lead to these mistakes. 

As a result, healthcare organizations are putting in place communication and resolution programs (CRP), protocols, and policies to:

  • create a "guilt-free" culture
  • take accountability, confront and handle medical errors with transparency
  • improve patient safety
  • provide emotional support for healthcare providers involved

Aside CRPs, healthcare organizations can leverage the CANDOR Toolkit, establish patient safety camps, trainings on how to disclose medical errors to patients and their families, develop guides etc. to build a safe culture for patients.

Establish The "Right" Medical Error Policy:

If you are a healthcare physician, clinician, director or supervisor and don't have a CRP, protocol, or policy in place to overcome medical errors - the MASC Medical guide can help you! 

Simply fill out and submit the form to download your FREE copy.