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Did You Know...

  • Onboarding costs can range anywhere from $200,000 to $300,000?


How Medical Organizations Benefit:

Medical organizations invest heavily on recruiting physicians. Therefore, it's important for them to have a strategy or "onboarding process" in place when it comes to hiring and maintaining physicians. 4 items that your onboarding process should entail include:

  • credentialing
  • measuring "time to productivity"
  • building engagement
  • providing a mentor

In addition, having an onboarding checklist can allow your onboarding process to flow smoother. The goal of an onboarding checklist is to outline the type of information that should be covered (i.e. tasks), responsible staff, and deadlines. Plus, it can help:

  • increase productivity
  • build loyalty and engagement
  • set track for physicians to be successful

Create The "Right" Onboarding Process & Checklist:

If you are a medical organization looking to develop or enhance your existing onboarding process and checklist - check out the MASC Medical blog and onboarding checklist. 

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