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Did You Know...

  • Medical malpractice insurance does not cover liability from sexual misconduct, criminal acts and inappropriate alteration of medical records?
  • Adding tail coverage to your claims-made policy can ensure adequate protection if changing insurance carriers, starting a new job, retiring etc.?

Is It Required?

Healthcare providers are "expected" to carry medical malpractice insurance once they enter the workforce. While there is no federal law requiring them to obtain a policy, some state laws and workplace policies do have a minimum requirement.

What Are Some Benefits?

Financial protection is the key benefit of carrying medical malpractice insurance. But, having coverage also shows fiscal responsibility to your patients. 

Other benefits include:

  • legal representation 
  • claim(s) investigation 
  • claim(s) payouts
  • peace of mind; allowing the healthcare provider to do their job without worrying about financial loss or lawsuits

Are You A Healthcare Provider?

Understand medical malpractice insurance, its policies, state laws and coverage requirements.

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