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Did You Know...

  • Employers are placing a higher value on soft skills because hard skills can be taught?
  • 92% of executives believe soft skills are equally or more important than hard skills?
  • The 4 most-in-demand soft skills are leadership, communication, collaboration and time management?

Understanding The Difference:

For some time, employers have valued and prioritized hard skills when recruiting. However, soft skills are now becoming more in-demand by employers across various industries.

So, what is the difference?

Hard skills are skill sets you can quantify - such as knowing a second language, a specific computer program, or obtaining a marketing degree.

Soft skills are skills harder to quantify - such as your people and interpersonal skills.

Which Skill Is Most Important To Employers?

Understand both skills, how they're measured, view examples, learn about emotional intelligence (EQ) and how it plays a role.

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