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The Importance Of Employee Satisfaction:

Employee satisfaction is crucial for an employer as it is linked to:
  • productivity
  • turnover
  • profits
  • stability 
  • loyalty

What Do Employees Really Want?

When it comes to benefits, employers try their best to understand what employees really want. But, this can get a little challenging with so many desires, demands and various generations of workers to keep "happy". 

Due to physician shortages in the healthcare space, attracting and retaining top talent is key. One way to stay ahead of the game is to stay on top of benefit trends (factors) and seeing if they could be integrated to your offerings - some factors may include:

  • financial incentives
  • flexible schedule
  • maternity/paternity leave
  • employee recognition + gratitude
  • demonstrating how employees impact the "business"
  • growth opportunities

What Should Employers & Employees Expect
When It Comes to Benefit Trends?

Check out 6 of 2019's benefits trends to improve employee satisfaction while benefiting your companies bottom line. 

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